In HACIENDA LA CABAÑA we have been investing in Research and Development for more than 30 years when we had the first bad experience of the PC (Cogollo Pudrición) in our crops in the Llanos Orientales.

Since then to date, we have a Research Department with which we have conducted more than 40 trials focused on optimization to increase productivity (trials of health, nutrition, densities of planting, oil extraction, irrigation, assisted pollination, planting of coverages, mechanization of work, among others).

The results of these trials have given us knowledge, they have taught us not to make mistakes and above all to be better farmers.

The most significant results we have obtained to date are:

  • Identification and obtaining of the most productive materials of our crops.
    Cloning, retro crosses and genetic improvement of the most productive materials.
  • Obtaining high knowledge in plant nutrition in the different stages of cultivation.
  • Development and production of the interspecific hybrid OxG (Coarí x La Mé), better known today as Ole Oleic Oil Palm, material with high resistance to pests and diseases of the American tropics.
  • Development and production of Elaeis Guineensis materials with greater tolerance to the PC (Cogollo rot).

We currently have 14 current trials, 9 are for genetic improvement, 1 nutrition in Palma de Aceite Alto Oleico and 4 for tolerance to PC with Elaeis Guineensis materials in four palm zones of Colombia.