1922 – Meeting of Roberto J. Herrera with the Belgian Florentino Claes, director of the Botanical Garden of Brussels (Nationale Plantentuin van Belgie) who teaches him the potential of the African palm.

1959 – Roberto J. Herrera, founder of the company, acquires the farm La Cabaña, located in the village of Presentado (old cattle road) in the municipality of Cumaral, Department of Meta.

1961 – Sowing of the first 50 hectares of African palm with seeds of hard material, supplied by the Instituto de Fomento Algodonero-IFA.

1968 – The first extraction plant with capacity to process one ton per hour is installed. “The plant stings stone”.

1968 – The first 25 oil cans are produced in a month.

1977 – Seeding of Tenera material produced by the ICA.

1978 – New extraction plant.

1980 – Replacement of mules by oxen and use of meshes.

1988 – Crisis of the bud rot.

1991 – Research: Sowing of the first hybrids Coarí x La Mé.

1992 – Assembly of the solvent plant for the extraction of palm kernel oil.

1998 – Beginning of commercialization of seeds and first sowings with commercial hybrid materials.

2003 – Campoalegre (grows more La Cabaña).

2006 – ISO 9001 Certification.

2008 – Bio D S.A. starts its operation to produce palm biodiesel.

2012 – Beginning of the implementation of the principles and criteria of the RSPO.

2012 – First sowing of Clones and Backcrosses.

2013 – Marketing of Olein from Palma Alto Oleico, a healthy oil with excellent performance in frying.

2014 – NOLÍ: a gourmet oil.

2015 – We continue innovating.