It is a nutritional supplement for Bovines made with products derived from the processing of the fruit of the Palm such as the Palmiste Cake, Digestible Fibers and Glycerol with a premix of vitamins and minerals, being Alipalma an excellent alternative to replace the scarcity of pastures in summer time ; It is also a great option to supplement the Energy and Fiber deficit in high-rotation high Tropic forages.

It offers moderate levels of protein, good energy and effective fibers that help to balance in a practical way the diets in high tropical dairies where there is high protein pasture (higher than 20%), low levels of dry matter (lower to 18%) and low levels of structural fibers.

We manufacture the product according to the nutritional requirements of the client’s herd, varying the proportion of our ingredients.


  • Reduces production costs by being an economic supplement, favoring the profitability of the farmer.
  • Regulates the passage of the food bolus through the digestive tract, improving the time of absorption of nutrients.
  • High content of dry matter (minimum 88%), which favors mixing in the ration.
  • Due to its adequate fiber content, it improves ruminal activity and decreases liquid feces.
  • Improves body condition.
  • High palatability, facilitating the accustoming stage and guaranteeing its consumption.
  • Permanent supply throughout the year (summer, winter), ensuring compliance with customer orders.
  • It facilitates logistic processes since it is easy to store, transport and supply in the feeders.

Use Indications

According to the type, availability of forage and productive stage of the Bovine can between 1 and 5 kg per animal day.